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Hayes Theatre

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By Alan Jay Lerner & Frederick Loewe

Directed by Mark Robinson

Camelot is the crowning achievement of the summer!  To see the production was like eating a sundae with ice cream that never melts and hot fudge that never cools off.  It was a pleasure wrapped in a pleasure, and it was a pleasure I will never forget.  Superb.  Stirring.  Enchanting.  I’ll just keep throwing out the adjectives and you pick the ones you want to use to convince your friends to come with you to see this play.  Funny.  Touching.  Teaching.  It really is that good. There isn’t a false note in the whole show. Don’t miss it."
- Beachcomber
"Everything is practically perfect! A rollicking and polished staging . . . Contains some of the best entertainment to be found on the stage this season.”
- Altantic City Press
Camelot reigns supreme!  The legendary tale comes to life with all of the finery, taking the audience on a wild - and often hilarious - ride . . . Even though the tone of the musical is one of tragedy, director Mark Robinson includes just the right amount of humor to endear King Arthur to the crowd.”
- Islander


Photos by Pook Pfaffe

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