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Ensemble Studio Theatre (workshop)
The Midtown International Theatre Festival (production)

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A New Play by Jonathan Brady

Featuring Mike Doyle, Peter Postiglione & Janine Barris

Directed by Mark Steven Robinson



Supreme Silliness! Always offbeat and very funny! Mark Robinson’s direction is as heady as the comedy and as colorful as the costumes . . . Almost an excess of supreme silliness - can’t keep Heroes from being an enjoyable outing celebrating the ordinary person and his ability to make extraordinary things happen.“
- Talkin' Broadway
Priceless!  Director Mark Robinson has established just the right tone for the play and keeps it moving.”
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Photos by Leyla Sharabi & Mark Robinson

Super! This play makes the most of an amusing premise: to get his unemployed roommate Ray out of a slump, straight-arrow Kenneth agrees to Ray’s madcap scheme: They will become superheroes -- capes, tights, and all (except super powers). . . along the way dropping one-liners and philosophical nuggets.  Mark Robinson’s staging was swift-moving and smart.”
- Rated “Outstanding” by OOBR: The Off-Off-Broadway Review
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